The Reverse Sear

Reverse Sear, Cook a steak
Bill is no food photographer, but he cooks a great steak!

Today’s submission about the Reverse Sear is from my friend Bill Miller. I met Bill while I was bartending at TenStone in Philly. It was Christmas night. He spewed a series of Off color jokes and financial advice. He was a jerk in the most wonderful way and he became on of my favorite regulars! Now he is a bass playing heavy rocker and apparently can cook a great steak. So here you go! Enjoy!

The Reverse Sear

Let’s talk about steak. Specifically how to cook almost any steak better than you have ever cooked a steak in your life. Sound interesting? Good, read on.

– Good digital thermometer (Maverick PT-100 is the best $80 you ever spent-
– Cast iron pan
– Good cut of steak (ribeye, stripper, t-bone, almost anything thick and marbled)
– Patience
– Rack (you can even use the one from the toaster oven, I do)
– Baking tray
– Unparalleled Sexiness

Pull the steaks outta the fridge. Turn the oven on to bake at 225. Walk away for a half an hour while the beef gets to room temperature and the oven gets to underpants temperature. After the half hour has elapsed sprinkle salt and black pepper on every single piece of real estate on those hunks of meat. I prefer freshly coarse ground black pepper and kosher salt but I’m sure the difference between my almost diety like worship and devotion to proper salt and pepper adds only like 7.5% of overall awesomeness. It’s gonna taste good even with stolen McDonalds salt and pepper shakers. Just make sure it’s all over both sides and the edges too. Especially the fat.

Put those slabs of dead cow on the toaster oven rack and put that on top of the baking sheet. I actually do this first and that way any salt and pepper that falls off I straight rub the meat on it. Make sure there is space between the meat if you are doing multiple steaks. Think Catholic school 8th grade dance NO TOUCHING!

Put those sexy fuckers in the oven.


Bill Miller, Age of Truth
THE William Miller

Check it and take the temp. Wait more.

Check them again and when the digital says 105 or so crank up the stove on almost max heat (9 of 11). Put your cast iron pan on there and splash some olive oil in the pan. I don’t know if it is a tablespoon or what but about a halfsie shot glass full of oil. When it starts smoking check the temp of those steaks again.

Now this is where if we don’t eat steak the same way, we depart as friends. If you like it medium rare or rare or the way steak should be eaten continue on. If you like steak medium or well done or something else which you should be ashamed of then fall asleep and wake up tomorrow and throw what was in the oven in the trash and never speak to me again.

When the steak is about 115-120 and you want it rare to med rare pull that sexy meat outta the oven and with tongs place those beautiful babies in your smoking hot cast iron. Shimmy them side to side a few times and slice a tiny pat of butter. Not a Patrick a pat. Shimmy some more. Three splashes of Worcestershire as well on the side in the air. You have about 45-55 seconds to do all this shit. Turn them and shimmy, shimmy for another 45-55 seconds. Take the temp and where you at? 120-125 and you are probably three-quarters erect based on the smell and smoke and meat. Take those tongs and turn them to hit every edge, especially the fat cap. 125 = rare, 135 = medium rare, >135 = bad choices.

Pull those dripping, beautifully charred pieces of meat off the pan. Sprinkle a little of the butter, olive oil, burned Worcestershire mixture on top of them and get right to it. Reversed sear steaks don’t need to rest and should be eaten immediately.

When finished you are now a god and as such are indestructible for the next 35-60 minutes.

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