Pandemic Happy Hour

St George’s Virtual Happy Hour

To be “In Communion” with Each Other

You know what they say about Episcopalians? “Where there’s four, there’s a Fifth! HAHA! We joke that we imbibe a bit, but actually, my Church is the epicenter for many great friendships! We love to cook together in our Church Kitchen. And yes, we do enjoy the occasional cocktail.

This Pandemic has us all changing how we interact with each other. So we have weekly Happy Hour Zoom meetings and we have been sharing images of our cocktails in a text thread. It’s a fun way to stay connected.

To be “In Communion” with each other is to say that we break bread together, we are present in each others’ lives and that we genuinely like to be around each other. Anyone who knows me well, knows how much I value my Brothers and Sisters of St George’s. Some folks who REALLY know me find it amazing that a guy with such an inappropriate sense of humor has found such a connection to God in his Church Home. The that is the power of Christ and the power of St George’s.

So enjoy my little slide show and notice there is not a single image of mass-produced bullshit beer, seltzer or coolers!

If you don’t have a Church Home, please reach out. You can visit St George’s in Ardmore HERE! You may follow us on FaceBook as well! Soon we will emerge stronger than ever and we will all be together again! In the interim, stay safe and share your Happy Hour images with me!

Cheers! -Pete

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