Featured Cocktails

Looking for that perfect seasonal libation?  Well, look no further!  On the Featured Cocktails Page, we will show an image and give a recipe for new cocktails as the seasons change!

Drinks on a Railing

Our awesome tradition has grown to the point where folks are sending us THEIR images of Drinks on a Railing!  Feel free to send us YOURS!

Shot & a Beer

We will be reviewing beers and hard liquors, which may or may not pair well together a'la boliermaker!  Check back often for our seasonal reviews!


Presenting a Fine Cocktail

Always remember that a great drink should not only TASTE great but it should LOOK great as well!  Presentation is the key to impressing your guests.  The old cliche' rings true: "You only get one chance to make a first impression".

A Night to Remember

Would you like to host a Cocktail or Dinner Party in your Home?  We offer Exclusive Private Educational Events for up to 12 Guests in your home.  We offer themes such as regions, demographics, sports or create your own.  We entertain your guests while teaching them how to make great drinks and describe the recipes and origins of your menu as the courses are served!  A truly unique and memorable event!