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Looking for some great recipe ideas?  Then look no further than our Recipes page!  Here we will teach you haw to make wonderful dishes for your Family or Guests!

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Tell us what is preventing you from reaching your goals!  From Menu Planning to Server Training, we will get you back on track!

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Here you will find some cool ideas for cocktails and some beer and wine reviews as well.


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Since 1993

Signature Events at Home

For years we have produced unforgettable private dinner events at clients' homes.  Our most popular dinners have been Italian themed events, but we have served sports themed events, BBQ events, wine pairings, cookie baking parties and music themed events.

Challenge us!  Let us know what you are passionate about and we will create an event and offer ideas to make your party memorable!

Recently we prepared a meal called "Via Appia", which featured cuisine from towns along the Appian Way in Southern Italy.  "All roads lead to Rome" and we ate along the way!  Our clients and their guests drank wines from the local towns and ate food from the same regions.  We shared History and facts from the region as we served the guests.  It was what we call "Gastro-Historical".


Plan YOUR Special In-Home event!

If you are interested in having a one-of -a-kind event in your home, please give us a call at 610.529.0122 or click the button to the right and tell us about your special event idea!