Polenta & Asparagus

Cheesy Polenta topped with Asparagus & Caramelized Onions

Cheesy Polenta and Asparagus! AWESOME!!

I pride myself on my ability to create awesome dishes from stuff I have at home. This meal was no exception. I was at a networking event and was going to pick up something to go on my way home. But it was raining really hard and I didn’t want to get out of the car.

Once home I scanned the fridge (For a length of time, which would have had my Mom screaming!) and I see asparagus. Awesome. Then I saw a tube of polenta. Now usually I would scoff at this and make my own but I was nearing the “hangry” stage!

Further surveillance alerted me to a red onion and some American Cheese. The good kind. White. Tiny little air holes. The best American melter! Game on.

In a frying pan (I only used one pan!!), I added a lump of butter and some olive oil. I left it on medium heat. High heat and olive oil are not great friends. First I added the onions so they would have the most time in the pan and caramelize nicely. Next came the asparagus. Of course, salt, pepper and fresh minced garlic. Just as the asparagus started to relax, I sliced the polenta into medallions and placed them in the center of the pan. I moved the onions and asparagus to the perimeter of the pan. I turned the polenta after about 15 minutes. Slow and low, baby! This would ensure a crispy polenta outside but soft inside. After turning them over and tossing the veggies as well, I let everything go another ten minutes.

Finally, I topped the polenta with cheese, dropped a teaspoon of water into the pan for steam and covered the whole thing with a lid. 5 minutes later I plated the cheesy polenta and topped it with the asparagus and onions.

Oh. My. God.